Beyond sex tantra in North Carolina

People of all genders, races, ages and orientations. Pre-registration is required. The night will close with a con-sensual cuddle puddle and tasty treats. How do strangers come together and do this?

beyond sex tantra in North Carolina

I use various approaches to treatment such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and psychoeducation to assist my clients in gaining knowledge and wisdom to learn to separate themselves from their symptoms.

In THIS place there will be love, erotic energy and acceptance. Past events 3.

Beyond sex tantra in North Carolina

Week 7- Running the Elements- How to use the elements to release blocks both sexual and non sexual. This is for anyone who is ready to go deeper, do their inner work, shadow work and is ready to come to a place of self -realization and liberation, not only within the bounds of sexuality but within life in general.

She is a natural guide: deeply knowledgeable, compassionate, and eager to share. Tantra Offerings:.

She remained in Asheville in private practice after completing residency in We will then delve deep into the healing process by engaging in the ancient practice of womb steaming and self-massage. Kelley Johnson, Ph. Looking for those interested in expanding their minds around sexuality, sensation, meditation, and non-traditional forms of sexuality.

Beyond sex tantra in North Carolina

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