How to increase your sex appeal in gta san andreas pc in Québec

This shows the numerical value of your weapon skill for, and the name of, the currently held weapon if applicable. This page has been accessedtimes. Build up by doing vigorous physical activities or by lifting weights in the gym rather then driving.

Other ways to increase the value are:. Despite the fact that Max Health indicator appears to lower when you get wasted, the maximum health will not decrease but it will actually increase by points.

It is worth points and can be received for: Achieve maximum sex appeal Gta San Andreas max sex appeal Antonio The cars don't help that much cuz if you crash then the sexappeal goes down. Also, sleeping with prostitutes can raise some of the sex appeal. To activate this cheat enter the following code according to your platform.

Whilst wearing gang colours will increase your respect level from fellow gang members, rival gangs and police will identify you much quicker, and attack. Also the nicer car that u drive affects it greatly. Max Sex Appeal Stat Cheat. User Info: Definitelyhuman. How do you use them in the PC version?

How to increase your sex appeal in gta san andreas pc in Québec

If you are not wanted at all, this will not be visible. See also: Respect. User Info: laide In their down time, they can also date from a selection of six girlfriends. Try working out. By repeatedly taking your shirt on and off, you can max out your sex appeal in the first thirty minutes of the game.

Also, if the car gets banged up during the date, you'll lose points for that, too. Tip : Even better way to max out this stat is to shoot at a vehicle in your garage. These are accessible by pressing the Start button, then selecting the Stats page.

How to increase your sex appeal in gta san andreas pc in Québec

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