Issues on same sex marriage in nigeria in Tennant Creek

If a minor commits the act on an adult, the minor faces "correctional punishment" and the adult faces punishment "by way of ta'azir which may extend to lashes". When groups that provide health services, including HIV services, to marginalized populations shift their priorities, or even close down for fear of public shaming or worse, violent attack, the right to the highest attainable standard of health is grossly compromised.

The report finds that while the SSMPA was introduced into a legal context that already criminalized consensual same-sex conduct and an already pervasive homophobic climate, it has had profoundly negative human rights impact on LGBT people in Nigeria. Department of State" PDF.

Abioye, a cleaner at a government office, said that police in Ibadan arrested him in June on his way home from work. However, once Jason entered the hotel room, six men barged in and began beating him. Additional production assistance was provided by Fitzroy Hepkins and Jose Martinez.

When one of my past boyfriends learned that he had the HIV virus, he referred me to a health facility. Punishments are severe, ranging from 10 to 14 years in prison.

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Art 32 CRC. Human rights violations in Nigeria. This is the forerunner of modern day divorce. In addition, protection should be afforded to children and adolescents until they are mature enough to make decisions about marriage. No person under the age of 18 years is capable of contracting a valid marriage, and accordingly a marriage so contracted is null and void and of no effect whatsoever.

Sec 26 CRA.

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  • While the Child Rights Act has sharp teeth, it has no bite because each state in Nigeria has to enact the Act under its own state laws before it is enforceable. This means that a social evil such as child marriage can be practised in a state that is yet to pass the Child Rights Act as domestic law.
  • Marriage is defined by the Act as a union of one man and one woman to the exclusion of others.
  • Marriage is a universal institution which is recognized and respected all over the world.
  • Same-sex marriage is a marriage of individuals of the same sex.

On the basis of extensive media reports and consultations with LGBT groups, it became clear that the enactment of the SSMPA was immediately followed by high levels of violence, including mob attacks, arbitrary arrests, and detention and extortion against LGBT people by some police officers and members of the public.

The SSMPA has helped create a generalized climate of fear and self-censorship for LGBT people and contributed to a culture of impunity for police and members of the general public. Interviewees, including representatives of mainstream human rights organizations, said the SSMPA has created opportunities for people to act out their homophobia with brutality and without fear of legal consequences.

He told Human Rights Watch that he was afraid of informing his family about the robberies in case they rejected him for being gay.

Issues on same sex marriage in nigeria in Tennant Creek

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  • Marriage has almost universally been defined as a social and legal union between men and women, although a few cultures have allowed people of the same sex to marry (Coontz ). Sociologist Max Weber defined marriage as a “stable sexual relationship” allowed and legitimized by the larger kin group and used to determine. challenge the moral foundations of Nigerian. In this paper, Nigerian concept of marriage, same sex marriage and some of the philosophical arguments would be analyzed. Nigerian Philosophy of Marriage In Nigeria, marriage is seen as a community affair. Marriage is held very sacred and in very high esteem; and of a very ontological and moral value.
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  • of the Same Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, (SSMPA) in Nigeria. with LGBT communities and on a range of other human rights issues River, Zamfara​, and Niger States, the research concluded that the told the landlord that he committed a crime against his tenant and must apologize else they. “When it's an LGBT issue, you can't file a complaint.” Henry Review the Same-​Sex Marriage (Prohibition) Act, with a view to creating an enabling Interviewees from Kano, Cross River, Zamfara, and Niger States were.
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  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) persons in Nigeria face legal and social challenges The Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act criminalises all forms of same-sex unions and same-sex marriage throughout the country. Nigeria recognizes neither same-sex marriages nor civil unions for same-sex couples. Homosexuality can land men up to 14 years in prison in Southern Nigeria.
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