Leo and cancer sex life in by Victor Harbor

The Sun is one of the most important symbols in the birth chart, as much as the Ascendant, then the Moon a bit less for a manthe ruler of the Ascendant and the fast-moving planets. Like a wave, it bathes the shores of your emotions, which range from the noblest feelings to the wildest physical passions.

Sociable, honest, and generous nature endowed with strong domestic instincts.

Tradition also matches her with the end of life, after Saturn the old age, it is thus customary to go back to one's place of birth to die: the end of life meets the very beginning. Outsider's opinions don't matter! He is also a staunch environmentalist who braves criticism and rebukes from many for the stands he takes for Mother Earth.

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Toggle Menu Close. While it's okay to focus on your own pleasure, make sure you are also aware of your partner's sexual and emotional needs. Learn how your comment data is processed. First of all, the Leo is fixed, which means people born in this sign are stable.

  • For the mushy, gooey, nurturing Cancer, only one sex position truly matters — cuddling. Crabs are the Olympic champions of non-sexual spooning, deliciously long hugging and gently stroking whatever hurts both in body and soul.
  • Leo is a Fire sign, which translates to passion and eagerness in bed. Your lovers are lucky to be with you -- and you always remind them of this fact.

Your qualities are expressed to the fullest in situations which demand familiarity and privacy. You soak into your environment in order to grasp its subtle games and you feel that you know things without learning them.

Leo woman - information and insights on the Leo woman. The East Point is a fictitious point at the intersection of two great circles, the Ecliptic and the great vertical circle Prime Vertical in the East of the birthplace, linking the East, the Zenith, the West, and the Nadir.

Leo and cancer sex life in by Victor Harbor

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