Reasons when sex discrimination does not apply to in Buckinghamshire

The former is a dismissal case; the latter is a case of disparate treatment of, on the one hand illness, and on the other, pregnancy. Mrs Cox suggested that the Appellant apologise to the office staff and did not press other issues. He argued that the Code of Practice paragraph 96 advised that the risk assessment triggered by the worker notifying her employer of the pregnancy should be carried out immediately after the employer was notified.

If you are still unhappy, you can then take your complaint to the school's governing body.

Looking For a Lawyer For Physicians? Thus, if the basis of the treatment is pregnancy, it is unlawful, irrespective of the Respondent's comparable treatment of men, or for that matter, non-pregnant women. The Trust is committed to employment practices which aim to make sure that all staff feel valued and are treated with dignity and respect in an inclusive environment which acknowledges difference and celebrates diversity.

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Military Status Discrimination. For more information about victimisation, see Victimisation. If you feel safe doing so, tell the harasser that the conduct is unwelcome and ask that it stop. Your rights Under the Fair Housing Act, a landlord cannot reject your application for tenancy because of your sex, a sex stereotype, or as a result of learning that you have experienced domestic or gender-based violence in the past.

Good practice at work.

So, with those two specific matters catered for we are satisfied not only that a risk assessment was made but also that a record was made of its significant findings in accordance with Regulation 3. Thirdly delaying holding the grievance appeal hearing, which eventually was determined to take place once the disciplinary hearing had been concluded.

For more information about what you can do about discrimination, see Taking action about discrimination. As well as sex discrimination, you could be discriminated against for other reasons.

Reasons when sex discrimination does not apply to in Buckinghamshire

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