Robert george debates on same sex marriage in Mildura

We contend that any view of marriage that would include same-sex partnerships cannot defend these norms as a matter of principle rather than sentiment or preference, and we challenge revisionists like Yoshino to show—by arguments—otherwise. We learn something about a relationship from the way it is sealed or embodied in certain activities.

Marriage law. Travis J. Public health. But don't take our word for it.

robert george debates on same sex marriage in Mildura

Just as chess requires players to seriously consider every possible consequence of their moves, we…. In making our case for conjugal marriage, we consider the nature of human embodiedness; how this makes comprehensive interpersonal union sealed in conjugal acts possible; and how such union and its intrinsic connection to children give marriage its distinctive norms of monogamy, exclusivity, and permanence.

Influential columnist and "It Gets Better" founder Dan Savage encourages spouses to adopt "a more flexible attitude" about sex outside their marriage. We offer and defend an answer according to which bonds between two men or two women—like those among three or more—simply lack the features essential to marriage: what are denied legal recognition in these cases are not marriages in the relevant sense.

But this raises a question: Does Yoshino deny that children deserve to be raised, wherever possible, by a mother and father—that this is worth promoting as an ideal?

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So his decision to pass over those challenges in perfect silence confirms and reinforces our belief also amply defended in our article that only the conjugal view can answer them. George, Robert P. In that case, to recognize opposite-sex unions but not same-sex or polyamorous ones would be unfair -- a denial of equality.

Redefining marriage would, by further eroding its central norms, weaken an institution that has already been battered by widespread divorce, out-of-wedlock child bearing and the like. But we never denied that there are not yet high-quality studies comparing opposite-sex to same-sex or, for that matter, polyamorous parenting.

Robert P. Once More to John 6 by Rev. Anderson, Special to CNN. That is what justifies its distinctive norms -- monogamy, exclusivity, permanence -- and the concept of marital consummation by conjugal intercourse. We were explicit in framing these as challenges to proponents of gay civil marriage.

George, Robert P.

Robert george debates on same sex marriage in Mildura

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