Safe sex condom advert in Mobile

More Must Watch. It also got men talking. Creative Directors Choice. Global leading sexual wellbeing brand, Durex, today launched an international campaign calling for the creation of the world's first official safe sex emoji, ahead of World AIDS Day on 1 December

safe sex condom advert in Mobile

But the Trump and Kim Jong Un artwork here is quite good. Creative Directors Choice. But using it to look like sperm for Durex's Social media campaign was an awesome idea! Premier League. Talent Crisis. The adverts featured cute if slightly strange balloon-modelled animals, well, getting it on, and in a variety of different positions.

Safe sex condom advert in Mobile присоединяюсь

Brand Safe sex condom advert in Mobile. In this article, you will find of the most creative advertisement ideas that were used in the past years to promote various brands. In light of this, Durex today launches a worldwide campaign to call for an official safe sex emoji to be created by the company behind emojis Unicode.

More worrying is the rise in apathy towards engaging in safer sexual practices with over a third claiming not to care about safe sex. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work to improve these archived versions.

Condom ringtone advert.

Read on for 10 brilliantly creative condom ads. This and other ads in the same campaign seem to warn the public about the risk of AIDS by portraying those engaging in unprotected sex as skeletons. The foil-wrapped condom traverses a room, frightening a cat, to join a young couple in bed before they begin doing.

Safe sex condom advert in Mobile

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