Sex determination and sex chromosomes ppt slides in Liverpool

J Exp Biol. Gossen M, Bujard H. Among these predicted genes, 9, Sex ratio distortion caused by meiotic drive in a mosquito, Culex pipiens L. The underlying data for this figure can be found in S6 Table. Instead, the YY genotype is associated with a lack of Wolbachia transmission from mother to offspring.

Nguyen, for their help with the fieldwork. Males and females from this line have been consistently producing progenies with balanced sex ratios in our laboratory. S6 Table. Tight control of gene expression in mammalian cells by tetracycline-responsive promoters.

The phylogeny suggests that the duplication of AAEL probably occurred in a common ancestor of mosquitoes after the split of this ancestor from other diptera.

Sex determination and sex chromosomes ppt slides in Liverpool

Linkage disequilibrium LD mapping - This happens because even numbers of crossovers cancel each other out to produce Too many of some genes is deleterious. Genes on Chromosomes Linkage Genetic linkage analysis - Therefore, if some disease is often passed to offsprings along with specific

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The transposase construct was a helper plasmid carrying the D. S3 Table. The development of procedures and techniques for mass rearing of Aedes aegypti. Sex-specific differentiation of a male specific abdominal muscle, the muscle of Lawrence, is abnormal in hydroxyu reatreated and in fruitless male flies.

Hence, we used a subset of these robust markers to track the Y chromosome in an A. Acta Oecologica.

Sex determination and sex chromosomes ppt slides in Liverpool

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