Testo junkie sex drugs and biopolitics in the pharmacopornographic era in Elgin

That would be disturbing enough on its own, especially the identification of Lorde as a representative of the very "dominant feminist politics" that she wrote searingly about being excluded from and harmed by. As soon as you open the book, you're jumping onto a roller coaster where Preciado is battling it out with the ideas of Foucault, Haraway, Butler, and others wi Hmmmm.

The performance consisted of Hayes walking out of the United Bank of Switzerland UBS building shortly after noon carrying a small speaker and a microphone on a stand, and reciting a love letter from an Castillo--now an established Chicana novelist, playwright, and scholar--witnesses her own son's spiraling adulthood and eventual incarceration.

What can I do about all the years I defined myself as a feminist? This is the climax in which the spiritual force of the testosterone mixing with my blood takes the fore. Unlike coke, there is no distortion in the perception of self, no logorrhea nor any feeling of superiority.

Sign up Log in. Have you ever done performance art? A must for anyone interested in gender politics.

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Deals and Shenanigans. Neither do I want the male gender that transsexual medicine can furnish and that the State will award me if I behave in the right way. In this penetrating analysis of gender, Beatriz Preciado shows the ways in which the synthesis of hormones since the s has fundamentally changed how gender and sexual identity are formulated, and how the pharmaceutical and pornography industries are in the business of creating desire.

Any girl today who is around fourteen years old might go to the doctor and the doctor might immediately say, The pill, as if the female body would automatically be a reproductive body without any medical arrangements, without even knowing anything about the economy of fluids and organs in this person.

Before this book, I wrote another called Countersexual Manifesto that is full of power contracts, sexual contracts that can be done like a score.

  • This visionary book on gender and sexuality weaves together high theory and intimate memoir, with "spectacular" results—"and the gendered body will never be the same again" Jack Halberstam.
  • The book was first published in France in and is only now being translated into English, by writer-journalist-translator Bruce Benderson.
  • I live in a world where many things I thought impossible are possible. The day of your death I put a mg dose of Testogel on my skin, so that I can begin to write this book.
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  • I sat outside the lacquered double doors, deflated.
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How Mamas Love Their Babies. Maybe I'm not supposed to fully understand. In any case - if virtuosity were the only measure, I'd give it 5 stars; for not quite being coherent and for extremely individualistic political ends that are ultimately troubling, I'd give it quite a few less.

This book is a drug. In this new and updated edition, Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English delve into the current fas..

Testo junkie sex drugs and biopolitics in the pharmacopornographic era in Elgin

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